Kenneth Robeson & Co.

A look at the people associated with Doc Savage throughout Street & Smith, Conde Nast, Bantam Books, and Fandom.

Martin Edward Baker – Lester Dent secretary aboard The Albatross

Paul H. Bonner – The Doc Savage connection at Conde Nast.

Evelyn Eloise Coulson – Lester Dent secretary who went to Europe.

Harold Arvine Davis – Fellow telegrapher and one of Dent’s ghost writers.

Laurence Louis Donovan –  The second Kenneth Robeson hired by Street & Smith

J. Allan Dunn – An acquaintance of Lester Dent and a man with many secrets.

Harry Felsenstein – The most important Doc Savage fan you never heard about.

Laurence Foster: The Man Who Inspired Lester Dent – A look at Lester Dent’s story-writing fellow telegrapher.

Alan B. Hathway – The third Kenneth Robeson hired by Street & Smith

Steve Holland Early Background – A look some genealogical records for the Holland family.

Bill Hutchison: The Doc Savage Super-Fan – A young Doc Savage fan meets Lester Dent in 1939.

John L. Nanovic – Notre Dame graduate and Doc Savage Editor

Henry William Ralston – Street & Smith executive and the father of Doc Savage

Walter E. Savage: The Doc Savage Supply Company Mystery – How a business got the Doc Savage name and a look at a fan from the golden age of pulps.

Watson L. Savage and The Savage School for Physical Education – In 1899 Watson Savage opened Dr. Savage’s Physical Development Institute.

Patrick Swayze: Fan of Bronze – Swayze reveals his early interest in Doc Savage and how it impacted his life.