1942 – Lester Dent and the Draft

December 7, 1941 – The United States enters World War II

Lester Dent is a member of the committee. An organizational meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday. Source: Macon Chronicle-Herald, Macon, Missouri, Thursday, January 15, 1942 – Page 1

Lester Dent is a member of the executive committee.  Source: Macon Chronicle-Herald, Macon, Missouri, Wednesday, January 21, 1942 – Page 1

Lester Dent’s draft card is dated February 16, 1942.  His residence is La Plata, Missouri.  He is 37 years old, six feet and two inches tall, and wights 220 pounds.  His complexion is light with brown hair and his eyes are blue.  Norma Dent is listed as his next of kin.

Article: Lester Dent was in Macon on Monday for the meeting of the Macon County Volunteer Defense Committee.  Source: Macon Chronicle-Herald, Macon, Missouri, Tuesday, March 10, 1942 – Page 4

Draft Board Lists Serial Numbers For Registrants
Lester Dent’s serial number is T6 and is based on men who registered on February 16.  Source: Macon Chronicle Herald, Macon, Missouri, Thursday, March 12, 1942 – Page 5

May 5, 1942 – Norma Dent receives ration certificate War Ration Book One issued by the Office of Price Administration.  The top of the certificate has a handwritten notation that a canning certificate has been issued.  This would entitle the bearer to buy extra sugar to use in canning fruits.  The certificate also includes a description of Norma Gerling Dent.  She is listed as 30 years old, five feet five inches tall with red hair and blue eyes.  The certificate has three ration stamps still attached.  Source: WHMC Folder C3701_f2130