1935 – Southern Florida in the Albatross

January 8, 1935
Lester and Norma Dent arrive in Hartford on Tuesday. Martin Baker is also along. They plan to spend three weeks. Source: Hartford Courant, Sunday, January 13, 1935

The passenger list from the SS New Northland shows Lester Dent leaving Nassau, Bahamas on February 17, 1935, and arriving in Miami, Florida, February 18, 1935. It appears he was traveling alone. The passenger list shows him as “Leslie” Dent, age 28, born October 12, 1906, LaPlata, MO. Dent’s US address is listed as the Royalton Hotel in Miami.

A passenger list for April 8, 1935, shows Lester Dent flying from Havana, Cuba to Miami, Florida. Martin, Baker, Dent’s secretary was also aboard. The plane was a Sikorsky S-40. The plane shown below is the craft Dent flew on. It was operated by Pan American Airways and went into service in August 1932. This craft was named the Southern Clipper with call sign NC-752-V.

WATERFRONT – An article by Tom Olstead in the Miami Tribune, dated April 11, 1935, notes that Doc Savage author Lester Dent had returned to Miami via seaplane. Dent had been aboard the Four Winds which participated in the St. Petersburg-to-Havana race.

November 6, 1935 – Dent receives a telegram from Merrill Stevens Dry Dock Company. There was a late hurricane in Miami. The missive notes that the Albatross is undamaged but that the covers were lost.
Dent’s address is listed as the Park Central Hotel.
Source: WHMC Folder C3701_f4