1934 – Robert J. Hogan

Lester and Norma Dent were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Hogan at their home in Hollywood, Florida.  The article states the Dents live in New York. Lester was mentioned as writing detective stories and westerns.  There was no mention of Doc Savage.  Hogan first appeared in the local paper on October 20, 1933, which mentioned he was a new resident of Hollywood. Hogan and his family were living at 1538 Polk Street.  An article dated May 10 reports the Hogan family has returned to their home in Sussex, New Jersey. 
Source: The South Broward Tattler, Friday, March 9, 1934

Robert J. Hogan was best known for writing the G-8 series.  He was born in 1897 in New York where his father was a minister.  He worked several different jobs until he joined the army in 1918 and learned to fly.  Hogan was engaged in the aviation industry as a salesman until the financial collapse in 1929.  Needing a new job, he decided to become a writer.  By 1933, he was confident enough to propose a new series to Popular Publications publisher Harry Steeger.  The meeting resulted in the defunct Battles Aces being renamed G-8 and His Battles Aces.  The series lasted until June 1944 with 106 total issues.  Robert J. Hogan died in Florida in 1963.