Morris Ogden Jones

Morris Jones was an assistant editor who worked for John Nanovic at Street & Smith.  There does not appear to be much detailed information about Jones.  He gets a passing mention in some letters between Lester Dent and John Nanovic.

Jones is mentioned in a September 11, 1935, letter from Nanovic to Dent.  Apparently, Jones had some issues with his stomach, but it is now healing.  No mention is made of the particular illness as to it being an ulcer, hernia, or something else.  Nanovic again mentions Jones again in a letter from June 1937 to Dent.  Jones is in Havana.  Nanovic suggests he may return with a “hot momma.”

Morris Jones’s name shows up on some of the Street & Smith author cards held in the collection at Syracuse University.  The cards  are from 1936 – 1937 for the  “Doc Savage Exercises.”  However, the majority of the cards dealing with the exercises are credited to Paul Rothenberger.

Lester Dent wrote to John Nanovic with a Doc Savage story outline revisiting the Mayan gold in an April 22, 1942, letter.  Dent notes that he got some Defense Stamps from Morris Jones.  In a letter on April 28, Dent jokes with Nanovic about rushing payments so he will not have to sell Jones’ Defense Stamps.  Nanovic writes to Dent in November and notes Morris Jones left for the army on Monday.  Nanovic says it looks like he is going to Gadsden, Alabama and will be an officer.  Nanovic later writes in December that Jones has left Camp Upton for parts unknown.

Walter B. Gibson wrote to Lester Dent in a letter dated September 6, 1949.  Gibson notes he had recently talked with John Nanovic who sends regards.  Nanovic is with the Kudner Agency.  Gibson also writes that Moe Jones is working for Leo Margules.

Morris Ogden Jones was born on October 18, 1906, in Irwin, Pennsylvania.  His parents were John Arthur (1870 – 1931) and Kathryn Jones (1873 – 1955).

Jones graduated from Sewickley High School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania in 1923.

The 1930 US Census places him in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania where he was living with his parents and working as a bank clerk.  Records shows that Jones was living in White Plains, New York in 1934.  The 1940 US Census shows him living at 215 Eighteenth Street in New York City   on April 1, 1940. His occupation is associate editor with two years of college.

He married Jane Wyman Barrett (1921-2000) in Fauquier, Virginia on February 23, 1940.  They had three children.

October 16, 1940 Selective Service Registration Card

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Jones enlisted in the US Army on October 19, 1942, as a private. His rank at the end of the war was captain.

He was working for Better Publications as an editor in 1946.

He died on December 28, 1967, in New York at the age of sixty-one and is buried in Pennsylvania