Steve Holland

The initial search for genealogical information on Steve Holland was challenging. It turned out that Steve Holland’s birth name was Thomas Philip Hollands. There is at least one instance where he used the name Thomas Philip Holland. The information shown here covers the years up until early World War II.

Doc Savage fans know Steve Holland for the work he did on the series paperback covers.  But his career spanned innumerable other paperback and magazine covers.  If you would like to know more about Steve Holland, click on the link below.


Steve Holland’s grandfather was Arthur L. Hollands. He was born in England in January 1866. He arrived in the United States in 1878.

  • In 1897, Arthur L. Hollands married Belle Dona Bethurem.
  • William Leo Hollands was born on June 30, 1898, in Lawrence, South Dakota.
  • John Wilbur Hollands was born in 1904 in Wyoming. This is Steve Holland’s father.

The United States Census for 1900 shows Arthur Hollands and family living in Buffalo, Wyoming. Arthur Hollands is a restaurant keeper.

The United States Census for 1910 shows Belle Dona Bethurem Hollands living with her father in Seattle, Washington. Her two sons, Wilbur and William are living in the house. There is no mention of Arthur Hollands.

Information covering the next few years in intriguing.

  • The 1911 Seattle City Directory lists Mrs. Belldona Holland boarding at 360 North 76th Street.
  • The 1912 Seattle City Directory shows Belle D. Hollands as a widow. Her occupation is a nurse. She lives in a room at 525 North 76th Street.
  • The 1913-1914 Seattle City Directories list her occupation as Practical Nurse. The notation for “widow” is gone.
  • The 1915 Seattle City Directory lists Marcus E. Weir (carman) and Belle D. They lived at 1711 25th Street.

John Wilbur Holland’s father, Arthur Hollands, died on May 22, 1914, in Montana from a ruptured appendix.

John Wilbur Hollands’ mother, Belle Dona Bethurem Hollands married Marcus Elbert Weir (1877-1967) on January 1, 1915, in Seattle, Washington.

Marcus Elbert Weir was born September 22, 1877, in Washington County, Arkansas. The United States Census of 1900 shows him living in Beckton, Wyoming. That same year, Arthur Hollands and his family were living in Buffalo, Wyoming. The two locations are only 35 miles apart.

The 1910 Federal Census shows Marcus E. Weir living in Ward 3, Seattle, Washington. He works as a streetcar motorman and is a boarder at 1308 Fifteenth Avenue.

John Wilbur Hollands (1904-1957) married Louise Teeda Carlson (1904-1985) on September 8, 1921. The couple was married at the King County courthouse. Dan Mattson and Mrs. Emma Carlson were witnesses.

Four sons were born of this marriage:

• Theodore Arthur Hollands (1921-1995) was born December 24, 1921. in Seattle, Washington.

• Wilbur John Hollands (1923-??) was born May 17, 1923, in Seattle, Washington.

• Thomas Phillip Hollands (Steve Holland) (1925-1997) was born January 8, 1925, in Seattle, Washington.

• Kenneth George Hollands (1926-1985) was born August 5, 1926, in Seattle, Washington

The 1922-1929 Seattle City Directory lists Wilbur J. and Louise Hollands living at room 1818 Lane. Wilbur’s occupation varies between cook and butcher. In 1930 they moved to 617 West 84th Street.

The 1929 directory notes that Wilbur works for the Northern Pacific Railway. This railroad operated a line between St. Paul Minnesota and Seattle, Washington with numerous side branches. The company operated nearly seven thousand miles of track at its peak.

The 1930 United States Census shows the family living in Los Angeles at the home of Marcus E. Weir on 459 West Badillo Street. Weir is a motorman for the Pacific Electric Railway. Wilbur is working as a cook for the railroad. Weir is Wilbur Hollands’ stepfather.

The 1940 United States Census lists Wilbur Hollands as a patient of the Western State Mental Hospital at Fort Steilacoom in Washington state. The document states he was living there in 1935. He remained a patient until his death on July 21, 1957.

1940 United States Census shows Louise Hollands living in Seattle, Washington with her four sons. She is age 35 and listed as being married. She works as a maid in a hotel. The document notes she was living in the same place in 1935.

The draft card for Steve Holland’s brother, Theodore Arthur Hollands, dated February 15, 1942, shows him living at 315 North Alvarado, Los Angeles. The person who will always know his address is his wife, Katherine Hollands. He works for the Douglas Aircraft Corporation at the Long Beach plant.

The draft card for Steve Holland’s brother, John Hollands, dated July 7, 1942, lists the residence as 328 North Mountain View Avenue, Los Angeles, California.

The person who will always know his address is Mrs. Louise Hollands who resides as the same address in Los Angeles.

The World War II draft card for Thomas Philip Hollands (Steve Holland) shows that he was living at 320 North Mountain View Avenue, Los Angeles, California on November 20, 1943.

His mailing address is Box 956, Curundu, Canal Zone. He works for the Panama Engineer Division, Box 5043, Ancon, Canal Zone.

Thomas Hollands’ birthday is listed as January 8, 1922. This date is off by a few years, conveniently making him over 21 years of age.

The person who will always know his address is Mrs. Louise Holland who resides as the same address in Los Angeles.

Thomas P. Holland is listed as six feet tall and weighing 170 pounds. His eyes are blue, his hair is light, and his skin complexion is ruddy. Note that family name has changed from Hollands to Holland.

No draft card for Kenneth George Hollands was found.

Steve Holland