032. Dent’s Travels on RMS Mauretania

On March 18, 1933, Norma and Lester Dent took a cruise on the RMS Mauretania. Over the next ten days they visited the Caribbean, Central America, and South America, returning to New York on March 30. The ship’s registry showed Dent’s place of birth as “La Plata, Wisc” while Norma Dent’s was listed as “Carlton, Mass.  The Dents logged over 5,000 miles on their cruise.

  •             March 18, 1933, Departure from New York Harbor
  •             March 22, 1933, La Guaira, Venezuela
  •             March 23, 1933, Curacao, Dutch West Indies
  •             March 24, 1933, Cartagena, Colombia
  •             March 25, 1933, Colon, Panama
  •             March 28, 1933, Havana, Cuba
  •             March 30, 1933, New York, New York

It is interesting to think about how this voyage influenced the later stories.  At this time, Dent had only completed the first five adventures: The Man of Bronze, The Land of Terror, Quest of the Spider, The Polar Treasure, and Pirate of the Pacific.

The passenger list shows Dent’s address as 8904-34th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York.

RMS Mauretania went into service in 1906 as a ship in the Cunard Line.  In her day, she was a queen of the ocean and was both the fastest and largest passenger ship until the completion of RMS Olympic in 1911.  It should be noted that the Olympic was one of the two sister-ships of the ill-fated Titanic.  During World War I, she served as troop ship after the Lusitania’s sinking.  After the United States entered the war, she ferried many American servicemen to Europe.  Her war-time name was changed from Mauritania to HMS Tuberose.  With the ending of World War I, she regained her civilian name and status, returning to passenger service in the Atlantic.  Her aging equipment and the economic realities of the Great Depression saw her moving to a new venue as a cruise ship.  Her last cruise was in September 1934 after which she was sold to the breakers and reduced to scrap.