1.   Doc Savage, Jaguar Prince — An argument in favor of a Mayan ethnic background for Doc Savage

2.   Jules Verne, The First Kenneth Robeson?  — A look at The Mysterious Island and parallels between it and the Doc Savage Series

3.   The Works of H. Rider Haggard  —  An examination of some of the Alan Quatermain stories on possible influences on the development of character traits in the Doc Savage series

4.   Jim Thorpe, Man of Bronze — The worlds greatest athlete.

5.   Shangri-La of the Andes —  The background between James HIlton’s story of a lost paradise in the Himalayas and the Doc Savage story, The Speaking Stone

6. John Pendlebury —  The literary ancestor of William Harper Littlejohn

7.   The Polar Treasure Island — How did Robert Louis Steven’s pirate story, Treasure Island, influence the Doc Savage story, The Polar Treasure? 

8.   The Ten Commandments — A look at religious examples in the Doc Savage series

9.   Nikola Tesla, The Man of Peace –The inventor who was the inspiration for the Man of Peace.

10.   The Wealth of Midas —  Just how much gold did the Mayans send? 

11.  A Wink and a Nod —  A look at some inside jokes between Lester Dent and Walter Gibson. 

12.  Building a Literary Character: Ham Brooks — Historical figures who contributed to the Ham Brooks character

13.  Those Pesky Pets —  Some remarks on the pets

14.  Conan Doyle and The Other Lost World — A. Conan Doyle’s contribution to the Doc Savage stories

15.  Russian Aviation — The inspiration for Decimo Tercio

16.  The Explorers Club — A look at Lester Dent’s application form.

17.  The Savage School — Dr. Watson Savage’s School for Physical Education

18. The Lake George Monster — A look at the origin of the Sea Angel

19.  The Isle of Lost Ships — How an early novel by Crittenden Marriott became the foundation for The Sargasso Ogre.

20.  Lester Dent, Master Mason — Lester Dents travels in the Masonic Blue Lodge and its influences on the Doc Savage stories.

21.  The Telepathic Connection — Popular ideas about telepathy that appeared in the Doc Savage stories

22.  Nietzsche, Doc, and the Crime College — Doc Savage and the superman concept

23.  H. G. Wells and The Spook Legion — Lester Dent takes some hints from H. G. Wells

24.  The DC-Doc Savage Connection — The influence of the Doc Savage stories on the Superman and Batman comics.

25.  Finding The Jolly Roger — Where in the world would an author get an idea about a real-life pirate ship replica?  From the newspapers of course!

26.  The Real Squeaking Goblin — The story of a grim man who moved silently through the Kentucky wilderness with a special long barreled rifle during the Civil War

27.  Danielson & Haas — A look at a Louisiana timber baron, his aviator son, and movie-star daughter-in-law. 

28.  Headquarters — Where exactly was Doc Savage’s headquarters located? The location is right there in the books.  You just have to put all the pieces together to find it.

29.  The Orsini Bomb — The long history of a grenade that appeared in The Golden Peril

30.  Prince Albert and Raider Island — The inside joke on Prince Albert’s name and the location of Raider Island

31.  The Secret of the Lost Giant — A real-life plan by the German Luftwaffe to shot down Winston Churchill 

32. Dent’s Travels on RMS Maurentania — A quick look at the Dent’s 1933 vacation cruise to the Caribbean.

33. The Literary Origins of John Sunlight — A look at the literary heritage of John Sunlight.

34. Secret Contributors to the Doc Savage Series — A look at some unexpected contributors to the Doc Savage stories.

35. Young Mrs. Savage by D. H. Stevenson  –  Some interesting characters are found in Mrs. Stevenson’s book.

36. A Brief History of Doc Savage, Incorporated —  An abbreviated look at the legal ownership of the Doc Savage properties.

37. Statistics and Counts — a look at the story word count and its impact on stories.

38. The Mad Fakir, The Mad Mullah, and The Mystic Mullah — Some items that influenced the story plot.

39. The Perils of Addictive Collecting — It won’t ever be enough!

40. The Doc Savage Timeline – a look at the Doc Savage series by date.

41. The Green Theater in La Plata –  The La Plata Historical Society has a very nice collection of Lester Dent memorabilia on display.  It is well worth the trip to see.

42. Cannibals, Ghosts, and Continuity – A look at series continuity and plot recycling.

43. Son of Doc – A look at some clever tricks used in the Doc Savage series that appear in other stories.

44. Making a Pulp Facsimile – It’s not hard but it does tend to be a tedious process.